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In these series of articles about Moodle, the current article will be focused on the resources that can be used to learn more about Moodle. Learning something new is a daunting task that too with no knowledge of incentives and perks that it entails. If you haven’t still read about the benefits of Moodle, please go ahead and read the previous article on the blog.

Given below is a list of resources you can use, to learn more about the platform:

Official resources

  1. Learn Moodle A MOOC hosted by Moodle, opens once in a while and is managed by the platform creators. Although its mostly meant for teachers, even students can benefit from it! There is something for everyone.

  2. Moodle Community Forums A place for students and teachers alike, mostly meant for support, FAQs, and question-answers.

  3. Moodle Documentation Mostly about technical detals but also has links to features, and guides for teachers.

  4. Demo sites The demo sites are meant for you as an example for how the platform will/ should look like. The site is accessible to everyone and has various roles listed down.

  5. Moodle Downloads For all the explorers out there, the downloads section has links to plug ins or themes section. If you’d like to see any of the plug-ins or themes on our platform, shoot an email to [email protected]. We will consider your request and duly notify you if we plan to go thorugh it.

  6. Moodle YouTube page Several playlists are available for different audience (students and teachers). Some important playlists are as below:

    1. Learn Basics

    2. MoodleMoot series Mostly useful for educators interested in learnign how they can enhance their teaching skills as well as know more about learning management.

External sources

  1. Moodle 3.0x Masterclass A paid course on Udemy, created for Educators.

  2. Student Guide to Moodle a YouTube playlist containing collection of videos form different creators.

  3. Moodle Tutorial in Hindi A resource for educators and students alike.

While the list can go on and on, we decided to limit it to these few places. However, if you happen to find something that is worth mentioning on the website. Please write back to us by email or mention it in the comments section.




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Learn Moodle-ing

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Resources to learn about Moodle for students and educators.

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