How to make the best out of Moodle

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Moodle has been a recent addition to our learning management tools, and it presents a huge set of functions that we all could benefit from while we are engaged in our course.

Moodle is a ‘single, robust, secure, and integrated system’ that aids educators in creating a personalised learning environment and helps students keep track of their course. There’s a huge Wikipedia page that summarises sufficient introductory information about the platform. Below are tips to make the best use of this platform:

Personalised dashboard

Moodle offers you a personalised dashboard with access to your timetable, classes, and assignments. Depending on whether you have access to some extra features, you can customise your dashboard to the way you want it to look like. The dashboard allows you to navigate the website, store private files on the server, keep track of upcoming events and calendar for the month.

Access on your smartphone

One of the most important features is the ability to access Moodle on your smartphone. It looks very funny at the beginning as to why on earth would you want to have Moodle app? But wait! The app is just as exciting as the Web platform. The app provides almost all the features the web version can provide. You can take a look at your calendar, receive notifications when new stuff is added, find and contact people on your course, view course grades, answer quizzes and more! The Moodle app is available for both Android and iOS platform. Check it out on the respective app stores. I have shared a separate article on ‘How to configure mobile app for Moodle’.

Keep track of your course material

Moodle allows you to keep a track of the courses you are enrolled on. The dashboard of every course will have all the material uploaded by your course administrator/tutor. You will get notification each time your tutor add new content or quizzes.

Collaborative tools and activities

Another interesting feature about Moodle is that it allows you to have discussions with your course mates over the platform. You can share notes, discuss classroom stuff and more!

Mass mailing

Have an announcement to make? Moodle has a mass mail feature! Although it can now be considered as a relic from the past with the arrival of instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, there will still be Jedi whom you can reach out to only by email.

All-in-one calendar for your course

The calendar helps you track the upcoming events and time table for your module. With some efforts, this can be linked to your personal calendar and so that alerts are automatically sent to you everyday.

Progress tracker



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