How to use Moodle on your smartphone

Given below is a step by step guide on how to install Moodle on mobile platform. The article only shows guide for Android users (which is majority). Anyone using iOS should try and install the app from Ap Store and replicate the steps given in the article.

  1. Download the Moodle app from Google Play Store (or any alternate secure app store you prefer)

    Download the app

  2. Once installed, open the app. The app welcome page has an address bar where you can enter the server address for your Moodle site. Enter the following server address:

    Log in page

  3. Once entered, a log in page will be displayed. Log in to the platform using your ID and password.

    Log in to the app

  4. Once logged in, the UI has 4 tabs; Dashboard, Calendar, Messages, and Notifications. In addition, there is a settings page that allows you to customise the app within your role.

App windows
  1. Explore each one carefully.

  2. Exit the app by pressing the back button. Once logged in, Moodle will remain signed in to the server for a fixed time period before prompting you to re-enter your credentials.

Hope you enjoy using Moodle.

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